About Us

Are you the type that greatly appreciates the effective use of space, organization , good function, comfort, compactibility and aesthetics in designing or re-designing without necessarily at the cost of an arm and leg?
Then your one-stop shop to achieve all these and more at very competitive price with no compromise in quality is Approved Design [Truly32mm] Ltd.

When your company has been around for almost two decades, you tend to think long term and wonder what you will be doing in fifty years from now [hopefully the same thing ; but bigger and better].
Hence, our obsessiveness with quality and continuous improvement on our products and services that are very energy-efficient and speaks for themselves.

Our ranges of Kitchens ,Wardrobes, Doors, Kitchen appliances, Cabinet  accessories, Hardwood flooring, Sanitary wares, Mosaic , Decorative bricktiles & stonetiles, Ceilings and Power back-up [Inverters & Solar panels] offers great satisfaction in their class across the Country.

They are crafted to perfection and manufactured with top notch machineries and tools to stand the test of use in time [They are in-fact in a league of their own!].
Approved Design [Truly32mm] Ltd is a place where traditional values such as hardwork , integrity and pride in our designs, live well in harmony with new technology and inspired ideas.

With high quality accessories from Blum, Hafele, Samet, Telma, Sige, CM, Fabita, Ponsi, Nice & Square, Grossi , Siro, Ney; Approved Design [Truly32mm] Ltd’s furnitures and finishes will give your kitchen, bedroom, restroom, playrooms and exterior such an exquisite desired finishing in no time.

Approved Design [Truly32mm] Ltd is our legacy, which is why we have made sustainability an integral part of our business of making life more comfortable at reasonable prices. We are to be around for quite awhile. We thereby do not joke with our Clients getting real value and peace of mind on their furniture and finishes.

You can start and build up as your budget allows until you have your dream home, office or shop. ‘’Anything worth doing, is worth doing—not just well but also reasonably’’.

Visit our showroom for an experience that will definitely blow your mind. You need not travel or order from outside the shores of our dear country anymore!